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Website Handover

After providing a training / handover session, here's a quick checklist that our internal project team uses when launching new sites:

  • Run a test of the contact form to make sure enquiries reach the client's inbox. 
  • For Commerce clients, ensure the notification e-mail address is set and run a test purchase (you can use direct deposit as a payment method to avoid charging your card). 
  • Check mobile devices to ensure layout and menu function correctly. 
  • Check all links and phone numbers on the website home page, contact page, and in the header and footer. A quick way to do this, is to hover over links.
  • Run the link checker tool via Dashboard > Pages > Check Links.
  • E-mail the client our beginner training resources in case they need assistance:

Additional Items:

  • Setup a favicon (our team uses
  • Set SEO keywords and descriptions on at least the home page.
  • Add Google Tag Manager & FB Pixel if needed. 
  • If they're moving from an old site, ensure Page Re-directors are setup from old addresses to new (Dashboard > Website > Pages > Re-directors). 
  • Check sizes of images and video for impact on load time and bandwidth / storage usage. The network tab of Google Chrome dev tools is a quick, easy way to check. Otherwise check out
  • Clean up the colour palette (generating a design multiple times can cause this to get messy. Check by changing the background color of a section).