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Ben joined the partner program and started to use Oncord to provide a high-level web design services for his branding clients

Running a business in the brand design industry, Ben had been overwhelmed by the security and accessibility issues with WordPress for a while when providing web services to his clients. This led him to come to Oncord to upgrade his web services to the next level.

"So prior to using and working with the Oncord team, we were building websites on WordPress for a time. We had security issues even getting off and starting the project, even themes, plugins, php versions, versions of WordPress weren't getting updated quite very often. So it was always put back on the client to keep the site up to date and that was a real burden to the business."

At Oncord, we are committed to providing a platform that makes it easy to build a modern website and keep the site up-to-date without technical web development skills. Simple drag-and-drop tools and built-in high-quality code enables Oncord sites to run fast.

"So that's really powerful in terms of us being able to make sites look beautiful without getting bogged down in the code."

Ben joined the Oncord partner program which gave him access to the partner portal to manage his clients. The neat and easy-to-use management console helped him to onboard new clients more effectively so that he was able to concentrate on he's expertise in brand design.

"So with Oncord as a partner agency, we have access to the partner portal. It's excellent for onboarding new clients. It's a real benefit for us to keep projects moving without waiting for hosting to be set up or things on the client-side, we can really just get in and get the job done, and our clients really appreciate that as well that we basically look after it from start to finish."

Now Ben is continuing to use Oncord as a productive tool to help him stand out in the more traditional market.

"Oncord has contributed by providing another add-on for our branding clients, but it's also provided another road-in to people who think they need a new website. So it's been a really nice compliment and a bolt-on to our more traditional graphic design services."

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