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Oncord Sales Demo & Walkthrough

For the first session in our reseller training series - Get re-acquainted with Oncord's latest features with a sales demo and overview of the platform. The aim of this session is to ensure that you have good knowledge of the software features, and ideal use cases of Oncord. 

The Agenda: 

- Ideal Use Cases.
- Demo of Software Features.
- Pricing.
- Our Approach to Setup, Training and Follow-up. 
- Questions.

Sorry, this webinar has already passed. Here's the recording of this session: 

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We're excited to announce that January 1st, 2020 will mark the official rebirth of our brand. After a decade operating under the banner of Synergy 8, we are becoming Oncord. 

This article explains what the new name means to us, how we got to it, and why we decided to change the name. We'll also talk about what the change means for you.

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