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Using Affiliates

The primary aim of the affiliates app is to allow you track and manage affiliates and their referrals. 

Affiliates can be used to track referred website traffic, sales and newly signed up website contacts. You also have the ability to record affiliate commission.

Affiliates can also be used to track the performance of advertisements you have paid for on other websites (such as via tracking links.

How They're Used

A common scenario is when another business is advertising your website to their own e-mail marketing database. 

You would provide a tracking link to the business advertising your website, and whenever a user visits your website via that link, they are associated with the affiliate. 

This allows you to record the number of views, new contacts and sales generated by the affiliate. 


The affiliates app is free to install, however it requires the Commerce (or Complete) offering of Oncord. To upgrade your pricing plan please contact us.

How to enable the Affiliates App

To enable the events management app, navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Apps.

Click the "Enable" button located under the Affiliates App. You will notice that a new Affiliates page appears under the "Commerce" heading in the left-hand sidebar.