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Creating Discounts

Oncord provides a powerful tool for managing your discounts. This article will show you the basics of creating a discount for your customers.

To get started, login to the website dashboard and navigate to Dashboard > Commerce > Discounts.Click the "New Discount" button towards the top of the page to configure a new discount. On the discount configuration page you will be required to enter the following information:

Discount Title - Write a meaningful title, as it's displayed throughout your online store.Discount Products By - Defines how you want the product to be discounted (e.g. dollar amount, percentage, free shipping, or custom algorithm setup by a web developer).Applies To - This option determines what products the discount applies to. The discount may apply to the entire shopping cart, a specific product, certain product categories or a brand.Valid with other Discounts - Whether the discount can be used in combination with other discounts.Select the "Save Discount" button to create the discount.Once you have created the discount, you will be able to find/edit the discount from the the "Discounts" page.


The options in the Restrictions tab allows you to define a specefic audience for your discount. This can be used to run discounts based on Purchase history, interactions with e-mail marketing campaigns, or to give a discount to all contacts in a group of your database. 

Discount restrictions and coupon codes are further explained in the Discount Restrictions help article.