Get Started

Creating Events

After installing the Events Management App, get started by creating a new event.

Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > Events to manage and create events. 

Click the  New Event button to get started entering details for your event. You will be presented with a configuration form. The minimum required information for a new event is a title, start time and end time. Set a sensible event title, as this will be displayed publicly when your users RSVP. 

New Event - Basic Options

* Event Title: Displayed as a heading on the RSVP page, and when an attendee adds the event to their Google or Outlook Calendar.

* Start Time: The time when the event will start. Users may still RSVP for an event after the start time, so if you'd like to prevent this from happening you need to ensure that you set the RSVP deadline (in the RSVP Options tab). Both the start and end time will be displayed on the RSVP page. 

* End Time: The when the event will end. Users cannot RSVP for an event after the event end time. 

Timezone: Confirm the timezone that the start / end times are being specified in.

Maximum number of Attendees: Select this option to restrict the number of attendees allowed at the event. 

Location: The location will not be displayed on the public RSVP page, however it is displayed after the user has RSVP'd, and also when an attendee adds the event to their Google or Outlook Calendar. 

Description: Describe the event. This description is displayed on the public RSVP page, above the RSVP form. 

New Event - Additional RSVP Options

Invitation Required: You may opt for this event to be invite-only. Public users will be unable to RSVP or view the event details until they login, and as long as they have been invited to the event. You can send an e-mail marketing campaign with an RSVP link to attendees, they will be logged in after clicking a link in the e-mail campaign. 

RSVP Deadline: Contacts will not be able to RSVP after this time (you may still manually RSVP attendees though). Ensure that the "Timezone" field has been set correctly, as the RSVP deadline will also use that timezone. 

Allow 'Maybe' RSVP: If you select this option attendees can select 'Maybe' as an option on the RSVP form for the event.

Alternate RSVP: This option will allow contacts to specify someone to attend in their place when they RSVP. This option is mostly applicable to invite only events, allowing attendees to send another person in their place instead of the user who was invited. 

Allowed Guests: Select this option to allow attendees to bring guests, you may specify the maximum number of guests allowed. 

Require Address on Registration: To encourage event registration, by default Oncord will not ask attendees for their address. Tick this option to require the user to enter their address.

Custom Fields: Custom fields may be used to include more custom options in the RSVP form, such as dietary requirements.