Get Started

Adding Layout Elements

Layout elements can be added to a page to achieve a specific page look. To get started, log in to the website dashboard and select the Pages option, which appears under the website heading in the left sidebar. Click the "New Page" button on the top of the page and configure a new page, or select an existing page from the list of pages.

Selecting the right element

Once in the page, select the insert button on the left-hand side. This will open a toolbar displaying the different elements you can drag onto a page.


Use this element to put a heading at the top of a section of content. You can then use the top toolbar to choose the size of the heading you want.


Select this option to place a paragraph section onto the page. Once this section has been placed you can begin typing your content into it. However, you can also type your content straight into the page and it will automatically format into a paragraph.


Use this to create a table in the page. Once you've moved the table element onto the page you can edit the properties of the table using the toolbar on the lefthand side. Size values for tables can be defined by pixels (px) or percentages (%).

The cell padding defines the area on the inside of a table cells. Cell spacing allows you to define the distance between the cells. The table width defines how wide the table is across. It's default setting is 100%. The alignment of the entire table, as well as the colours of individual cells can be defined in this toolbar as well.

H. Rule

Use this element to place a ruled line horizontally across the page.


This element will pull the name or piece of contact information from a user's contact card. This can be used to personalise a users experience when viewing the page. If no contact cards exists for the user in Oncord the information in the fallback section will be used instead.


This element can be used to add client testimonials to a page in a predefined format.


This element can be used to place an interactive header element at the top of a page including a background image, header text and customisable buttons.


This element can be used to place a pre-formatted team section on any particular page. The layout is made up of a number of contact cards that themselves can be edited with alternative pre-defined formats.