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Moving A Page

This tutorial will show you how move an existing page on your website. Pages have both an address and a title. This article will show you how to update both.

The page address specifies where the page is located on your site (eg. When you move / rename a page, you change the address. 

The page title is used to specify how the page should be referenced in Navigation Menus, and is also used by Search Engines like Google. 

Move / Rename a Page

  1. Login to your website dashboard.
  1. Click "Pages" in the left-hand sidebar, located under the "Website" heading.
  2. Locate the page that you would like to re-name, and click the three dots to the right of it to reveal a drop-down menu.
  3. Select the "Rename / Move" option in the drop-down menu.
  4. Define the new location of the page, and type in the new page address that you would like to use (see the below example).

An Example:

You would like to move / re-name the "Staff" page to "Our Team", and leave the page located underneath the "About" page. Follow the instructions above, and when selecting the new location the following fields would be used: 

After Moving a Page

Page titles are often used in website navigation menus, so don't forget to change the title after moving the page.

After moving a page it's a good idea to change the page title to reflect the updated page address. As an example, if you wanted to change the "Staff" page on your website to "Our Team", it would be a good idea to move the page, and then change the page title as well. 

An Example:

It's not good practice to have a page titled "Our Team", which is located at It would make more sense to rename / move the page to

To change a page title you'll need to click on a page as if you were going to edit the content. From there, select the Settings option on the left hand toolbar. The page title can be changed in the first section of this window.

After you move or rename a page on your website, Oncord will automatically move the attached media of that page to the new page location for you. A page re-director will also be setup automatically, so that if users go to the old page address they will be redirected to the new location.