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Oncord is full-featured web and marketing platform for built for users of all skill levels. Whether you're a developer looking to code a site from scratch, or a business owner looking for control over your web presence, you'll find tools and features to meet your needs.

An Adobe Recommended Migration Partner.

Unlimited Website Pages & Posts
An Intuitive, Modern Page Editor
Contact Database
Email & SMS Marketing
Full Featured E-Commerce
Secure, Professional Web Hosting.
Accounting & Payment Integrations
Search Engine Optimization
Automatic Back-ups & SSL certificate.

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Powerful, yet Simple.

Crafted for developers and end-users.

Megan Bennet Pixel Portal
There's a lot of hosting platforms out there. But here's a shining star. A mature, clever platform with a simplistic UX that developers AND clients love. Add to that excellent support, sites that deliver to audiences in lightning speed and high site health, well it's hard to walk past the mix of Oncord. We love Oncord.
Jay Tinkler Conduit Strategies
My experience with "partner programs" has always been hidden behind web portals and chat assistants. Oncord has truly partnered with us in an authentic, collaborative way to help us grow as a business. We can always rely on someone to be there to not only troubleshoot more tricky applications but also to support us through successful sales models for the system. Thanks Oncord - truly unique.
Simon Tesoro Kreative Webworks
I've been developing websites for over 10 years now and Oncord is the most innovative CMS I've ever seen. It's ease of use and ability to customize outperforms even the most popular CMS out there. The pricing, value and customer service are second to none. We use Oncord for all of our clients, and we always recommend it to our colleagues looking for a reliable CMS Platform.
Jason Carr Fuel Design
After Adobe shut down Business Catalyst, we were looking for a new platform that would take us to the next level. Once we got into Oncord, it blew our minds! Not only is the drag-and-drop editor simple and refreshing to use, you can dive deep and use the Developer Resources to build more than just a website. As a partner, we have never received support like we have from Oncord. They are committed to our success, and we cannot recommend them enough. It's a great platform and a great team to work with!

Contact Database Features

The Oncord CRM is deeply integrated with our website and marketing tools, so you can spend less time importing and exporting data, send highly targeted campaigns, and get a complete view of the customer journey.

  Import Existing Contacts

Importing an existing customer database is easy with our import tool, which allow you to import contacts generated offline, as well as existing user databases. Simply upload a CSV file and let the Oncord import wizard work it's magic. 

 Forms Create New Contacts

Capture new customer data through a variety of web forms, including contact forms, quote forms or free trials. Whenever a user enters data on a site, you are given the necessary details to begin effective marketing campaigns.

 Lead Magnet Functionality

Oncord allows you to restrict access to certain content until the user has registered with the website. This tool is fantastic for using interesting content to build an e-mail marketing database.

 Comprehensive Activity Feed

The contact activity feed allows you to view all activities and interactions with a customer. For instance, you can see: when they have visited a site and which pages they've viewed, which products they've bought, which e-mail marketing messages they've received, their form submissions and more.

 Database Grouping & Optimisation

Oncord provides all the tools needed to segment a database and detect and merge duplicate customer records. Contacts can be grouped by sales, form submissions, location, page views, the possibilities are endless.

 Detailed User Statistics & Reporting

View detailed membership growth graphs and statistics. Add annotations to datasets to learn what works and what doesn't work well for your clients.

Digital Marketing Features

Stay in touch with your customers via targeted email and sms campaigns, and share your content on social media.

 E-mail Marketing

 SMS Marketing

 Automated Workflows

 Targeted Campaigns

 Event RSVP & Reminders

 Analytics & Reporting

 Generate Newsletters from Posts

 Social Media Posting & Scheduling

Integrated SMS & E-mail Marketing

Send targeted e-mail and SMS campaigns.

Need to send an e-mail campaign to everyone who has completed a specific web form? Easy.

How about sending an automated sms, one week after customers purchase? No worries.

Event reminders and RSVP? We have you covered.

After sending campaigns, you'll have access to all the statistics you need to improve your messages.

Social Media Interface

Having a unified brand experience across social networks and web assets is an important factor when establishing trust with new customers.

However, for many businesses, keeping all of these networks up to date and consistent is repetitive and time consuming.

The Oncord Social Media interface allows you to post content across multiple platforms without having to log in and out of different accounts.

You can then manage and monitor responses straight from the platform.


Great marketing is about creativity. But for many marketing creatives a lot of their time is spent on repetitive marketing tasks instead of pursuing new ideas and channels.

The Oncord automation engine takes the monotony out of marketing. Set workflows to run autonomously so you can focus on the things that matter.

Event Management

Events are a powerful way to foster a community around a brand. The Oncord platform handles the entire Event Management process from start to finish.

Configure the event details to suit your needs, with a range of options and settings available. Promote the event through landing pages and email campaigns. Manage RSVP's, send reminders, print name tags and guest lists, and collect feedback from attendees. All in the one place.

Ecommerce Features.


 Unlimited Products

 Flexible Discounts & Coupons

 Track Referrals & Affiliates

 Secure Shopping Cart

 Recurring Sales / Memberships

 Integration with MYOB & Xero

 Paid Event RSVP

Combine E-Commerce & Marketing Tools

Oncord includes all the features needed to run an online store.

Unlimited Products, Recurring Memberships, Secure Checkout, Abandoned Shopping cart - everything you'd expect from a modern e-commerce platform. 

The key feature that sets Oncord apart, is integration.

If you need to communicate with customers via e-mail or SMS about products they've purchased, you need integration between your contact, marketing and sales data.

Oncord allows you to easily send campaigns and notifications based on purchases, syncs the invoices with accounting software platforms, and provides better insights on customer activity.

Oncord is compatible with Stripe, PayPal and many other popular payment providers.

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