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Amanda and Antoine searched internationally for a platform that would make it easier for them to update their website, send email campaigns, and sell online.

After successfully launching their business via Facebook, Amanda and Antoine started the search for a platform to take their online presence to the next level.

"We were looking at different platforms internationally. So we were looking for a website that was easy enough for me to be able to manage. It was a platform that I could communicate with our contacts, and also a platform that allowed us to sell our products online. Then we came across Oncord."

After a demo with our team, Antoine and Amanda excitedly moved ahead with a new website and online store powered by Oncord.

"It provides everything we need to communicate with our customers and also market to potential customers."

Antoine opted to take the DIY approach, and used Oncord to generate a new website design theme based on their logo. This approach helped to keep costs down, and Antoine enjoyed taking full control over the design of their site.

After the new website was generated, Antoine used our library of videos and tutorials to get up-to-speed.

''We actually like our website. I'll look at it on the phone, on the desktop, and every time we make changes, I love showing friends and family what we've done. We're really proud of our digital presence. That's an integral part of our business success."

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