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simPRO & Oncord

Serious Job Management, Integrated With Serious Marketing Tools

Both Platforms Explained:


A platform that provides the features you need to run a professional website, communicate with your clients, and grow your business.


The leading end-to-end business management system for trade service, maintenance and project contractors. Streamline your entire workflow, from job costing to dispatch and invoicing. Learn more at

Why Integrate Oncord & simPRO?

Sync Contacts

Whenever you update a contact in either Oncord or simPRO, changes are reflected in both systems. Keep your contact database up-to-date and accurate. 

Web Forms to simPRO Leads

Forms on your website can be configured to automatically create 'leads' inside simPRO. This reduces data entry time and ensures enquiries are followed up.

E-mail & SMS Marketing

Send targeted e-mail and SMS campaigns to your simPRO contacts. Contacts that are "tagged" in simPRO, will appear in the relevant Oncord groups, allowing you to send targeted campaigns to the right customers.

Marketing Automation

Setup automated workflows or campaigns to message contacts when they complete a form on your website, or when they're tagged in simPRO.

Understand Your Customers

View a complete activity feed; including how a customer found your website, which pages they explored, and how they interacted with e-mail marketing campaigns.

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