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5 Simple Tools for Easier Content Management

Did you know Oncord has a spellchecker? What about the find and replace tool? Check out a roundup of five handy tools for an easier time managing the content on your website.

5 Simple Tools for Easier Content Management

5 Simple Tools For Easier Content Management

Your website content is so important to the success of your online business. It drives traffic to your website, keeps visitors returning and helps to generate leads for your business. But finding the time to write and make alterations to website content can be difficult.

To help make managing website content easier I've put together a list of the "wow, I can't believe I didn't know about this" tools I often find myself recommending to website admins. These tools help to keep your content as clean, and well coded as possible. Proper formatting and organization of website content is key in maintaining a consistent appearance across your website, ranking in search engines and ensuring your site can be updated to a new design easily in the future.

1. The Website Page Search

This tool doesn't just search your website for a page title or address, it also searches all the text content throughout your pages. This tool is super handy for tracking down all references of a term throughout your site, for example an employee who has moved on, or a service that is no longer provided.

Finding the website page search tool: Go to Dashboard > Content > Pages, the search bar is on the right.

2. The Find & Replace Tool

I often use this tool after using the website page search. After using the page search tool to track down all the pages containing a certain term, use the find and replace tool to highlight exactly where the term appears on a page.

3. The Link Checker Tool

The "Check Links" tool scans through your website pages and locates hyperlinks that are no longer functioning correctly. Fixing the hyperlinks on your website will help boost your search engine presence.

Finding the check links tool: Go to Dashboard > Content > Pages, the check links tool is a button towards the top of the page.

4. The Spellcheck Tool

The spellcheck tool works the same way as the spellcheck you'd find in word processing software. After selecting the spellcheck tool in the page editor, your page content will be scanned for spelling errors. Right-clicking a highlighted term will present a drop-down box with suggested spelling alternatives.

5. Clear Formatting Tool

One of the most underrated tools available in your content editing arsenal, the "clear formatting tool" vastly reduces the amount of nasty hidden formatting code that may be included when copying and pasting from the likes of Microsoft Office.

If your text content does not seem to be inheriting the styles set in your website design, it's likely because it is being overridden. Clear this overriding styling by using the clear formatting tool in the page and post editor.

More Information

More helpful information editing the content of your website is available in the "Content" section of the Oncord User Manual.

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