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Wordpress recently released version 5.5

But the long awaited update seems to be causing more trouble than it's worth.

After upgrading to the latest version of Wordpress, countless websites worldwide are now experiencing a range of issues including broken navigation bars, missing search bars, and malfunctioning forms, to name a few.

It seems that the root of the problem was caused by WordPress discontinuing support for a Javascript library called jQuery Migrate.

Web developers use libraries like jQuery Migrate to add custom functionality to WordPress websites. If you've experienced problems with your Wordpress site after updating to 5.5 this is likely the cause of it. Your website is trying to serve a feature that uses code that is no longer compatible with Wordpress.

How do I fix my WordPress site?

Luckily there is a band aid solution that seems to be working for many users. A plugin called Enable Migrate Helper. A description on the plugin website reads:

This plugin serves as a temporary solution, enabling the migration script for your site to give your plugin and theme authors some more time to update, and test, their code.

Does any of this affect my Oncord site?

No. Oncord uses it's own CMS, which is an alternative to Wordpress. All of Oncord's CMS features are carefully built and managed by us to avoid these kinds of compatibility issues. 

We wrote this article because our goal at Oncord is to help people improve their online presence. Sometimes that means helping our competitors with bug support, but most of the time it means making amazing website software. So while you're here, why not try it for yourself?

After all, if you like it, this might be the last article about broken plugins you ever have to read...

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