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Events Update

Displaying Events has never been easier. Learn about the changes we've made to Events and Dynamic Displays.

Events Update

Oncord offers functionality for creating Events on your website and allowing your customers to RSVP.  If you are currently using our Events module, this update contains important information.

Introducing Event Repeaters

Many Oncord clients use Posts as a method to promote events on their website, which involves the creation of both an event, and an additional post.

In an upcoming Oncord update, we're introducing the Event Repeater element, designed to simplify the process of listing events on your website.

Event Repeaters streamline the process of listing Events on your website, much like the Post Repeater does for Posts. Drag one onto your page and use the left Edit Panel to customise. You can select Event Categories, change the sorting order, filter events to past, future or all Events, and select which ‘template regions’ you would like to be shown in your display.

New Event Fields

New fields have been added to facilitate better templating for Events.

A small image for your Event, similar to post_icon for Posts.
Short Description
A short description of your Event.
External RSVP URL Events can optionally redirect to an external service for RSVP
*See External Event Registration below

Due to the previous lack of icon, short description and dynamic templates for Events, some customers have elected to use the flexibility of Posts with custom fields to achieve the level of customisation that we now have natively. To speed up data migration from Posts to Events for any customers currently using Posts in this way, values for event_icon and event_description_short fields will automatically be applied to your Events from the linked Posts.

Customers who have used this method to display Events may wish to migrate any additional custom field data from Posts to Events and handle custom display requirements by editing your Events > List template.

External Event Registration

Sometimes you don’t need or want to manage RSVP to an event through Oncord (or at all) but would like to retain a display for it on your website for marketing purposes. This field, when supplied, will cause the Event RSVP page for your Event to redirect to the URL you provide. This allows you to have a simple display for your event on your website while easily redirecting to a third party for registration.

When creating or editing an Event, toggle the RSVP URL section between ‘RSVP with Oncord’ and ‘RSVP with External URL’ to select the appropriate option.

Note: When using external registration, some other event fields will be hidden/unavailable for use with the external RSVP service. Unavailable Event options will be hidden when switching to external RSVP.

Migrate to Event Repeaters

Your existing displays will be unaffected by these updates. However, where you currently display Events using a Posts display or custom code, you can now (and should) use an Event Repeater instead. 

To make this transition, we suggest the following steps:

  • Copy any Event related custom fields you've added from Posts, to Events. 
  • Select a Dynamic Template variant for Events. Navigate to Designs and under the dropdown for Dynamic Templates, select Events - List. From here you will be able to select an Event List display variant.
  • Replace Post Repeaters used for Events in your pages with Event Repeaters. Bear in mind that if your page includes custom code for ordering or filtering your previous Post Repeater, these will need to be carried over or modified to achieve the same ordering/filtering on an Event Repeater.
  • Delete previous Posts, Post Categories and custom fields that were created for listing events.

Alternatively, our team can convert your "Post repeater" displays to the new "Event repeaters" for a fixed fee to cover our time.  The pricing is as follows:

  • Australia/NZ Price: $150+GST
  • Rest of World: $100 USD

If you would like us to perform the conversion from using Posts to Event Repeaters please contact us at

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