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Design trends change every 2 years, and it is a huge hassle to re-build your website again and again. We are out to solve that problem for you.

How Changing Your Website Design Is Made Easy With Oncord

How Changing Your Website Design Is Made Easy With Oncord

Design trends change every 2 years and the unfortunate truth is that to avoid your website looking out of date, you need to have it redesigned every couple of years. Considering you spend a lot of time and money designing, building and getting to learn your website, doesn’t it seem like a waste when you have to throw it all away every 24 months?

Most businesses don’t see the value in re-designing their websites because it is such a large investment of both time and money, but Oncord has a solution that gives you some of that back.

How Oncord Handles Website Re-Designs

The website layout of Oncord powered websites is managed through the ‘Designs’ section. This houses the basic layout and structure of your home and inner pages, and pulls in the Oncord functions through to where you need them to be.

When it comes to re-designing your website, the benefit that Oncord powered websites have over other CMS's is a simple, yet powerful one. You can keep all of your current analytics, automations, products, blog posts and content exactly how they are and at the same time completely change the design.

How This Benefits Your Small Business

This not only saves you money, but more importantly it saves you the time and hassle that would normally be spent re-doing all of the boring stuff like content transfer, re-adding products and re-uploading images. This gets your website online faster and with less hassle, which means you can spend your time on things that really matter to you.

If you think your current website is in need of a makeover, or if you think moving over to Oncord is the best long-term strategy for your business, please get into contact with us and we’ll get you everything you need.

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The latest Oncord update includes the addition of drag-and-drop rotators and banners, a Domain Health Checker to enhance email deliverability, the ability to bulk remove contacts from groups, and integration with Eventbrite for streamlined event management. Additionally, our events RSVP system has been improved, and we've added new notification options and automations for recurring sales.

We're updating the hosting environment that powers Oncord and your website to Kubernetes. Kubernetes is modern technology for deploying server infrastructure.

QR code check-in is now available with Oncord events, to help reduce time spent checking-in event attendees upon arrival. It's easier than ever for you to experiment with Oncord's Commerce and Marketing features if you haven't already. And we've made it easy to make bulk updates to recurring sales.

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