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We feel that our new editor needs to solve the problem of connecting your teams efforts together to publish content and update website pages.

Multi User Website Page Editing

As many of you may already be aware, we've been hard at work creating a revolutionary and first of its kind web editor, designed from the ground up to enable a powerful, efficient content editing experience. As the editor nears completion and release, we thought now seemed like an excellent time to start exploring its features, and how they'll help you.

Multi user editing - The core requirements

1. The editor must support a standard undo / redo function to allow users to correct their mistakes.

2. In the event of a crash, minimal work should be lost (ideally none at all).

3. Multiple users may edit a page at the same time, without causing issues arising from overriding eachothers work.

Collaboration built in

Working as a team has typically required specific effort and tools designed to navigate the inherent collaborative inadequacies found in today's editors. The resulting burden wastes time and fails to fully leverage the creative opportunities real collaboration offers. This is why we feel that our new editor needs to solve the problem of connecting your teams efforts together, whilst being both flexible and powerful enough to empower individual creative styles, regardless of approach.

Multi user editing is our answer to realising this ideal, allowing you for the first time to simultaneously bring your teams full creative spectrum to bare on your content. Your team members will be capable of editing website pages at the same time, and thanks to live synchronisation, their new ideas can be shared and evolved even as they happen.

No more "save" anxiety

It's difficult to find someone that doesn't have a horror story about work lost due to a crash, corruption or even the loss of an important device. Thanks to the live synchronisation inherent to our multi user editing, every change you make will be instantly saved and stored. In the unfortunate event that something critical should disrupt your work, you will find your content ready and waiting for you to pick up exactly where you left it.

A dive into the tech

The ability to realise the technical prerequisites of implementing a feature like multi user editing has been central to the new editors development. Key amongst these is the ability to quickly evaluate changes made by the user, and group those changes by their semantic context. This allows us to capture and store a history of changes made in real time, grouped by the actions that created them.

The ability to generate these changes as they happen is the first step to live synchronisation. When a change is created, rather than evaluate the entire page and save that value, we can now send that change to our servers where it is added to the end of a record of every change ever made to that page. The server then sends that change to all other connected users, who in turn apply the change, completing the synchronisation.

There's more to come...

Multi user editing is just one of the many features we look forward to presenting as we unveil our new web editor in the near future. A monumental project in its own right, we're immensely excited and proud of this release - but even more so, excited with the anticipation of seeing what users like yourself will build with the creative freedom we hope it unlocks for you.

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