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MYOB promised INCITE 2017 wasn't going to be just another corporate roadshow. So did they keep their promise? Did we come away inspired? 


This month we attended MYOB INCITE 2017 as an add-on partner to show off our integration, participate in add-ons@incite, and return to Brisbane inspired by their approach to technology, innovation and change. 

Oncord & MYOB

We're proud add-on partners with MYOB, and offer a totally free integration with the MYOB AccountRight Live product. Our integration enables contacts, sales and receipts to be seamlessly synchronized between your online marketing tools, and your accounting software. 

The Oncord and MYOB integration allows you to:

  • Send targeted e-mail campaigns to customer cards that exist in AccountRight Live.
  • Automatically sync sales invoices from your online store. 
  • Leverage the AccountRight Live Bank Feeds and automatically reconcile ecommerce invoices paid via direct deposit. 

We attend these events to show off our integration, but also because we're big fans of the MYOB team and their community. Our close ties with MYOB ensures that we can build and continue to support a solid integration.

MYOB Incite 2017

A focus on innovation - The team at MYOB aren't just throwing the words "future" and "innovation" around. If you've seen any of their ad campaigns on social media recently (I am definitely copping some re-marketing), there's been a very clear culture shift and focus on technology and innovation over the past 12 months.

The connected practice - The MYOB vision of a "connected accounting practice" is certainly something that has the Oncord team excited. A connected practice is something we can connect our software with! Many accounting firms presently use MYOB Accountants Office (AO) or MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) which unfortunately presently lacks API functionality.

When MYOB AccountRight moved to the cloud and provided an API it allowed us to build an integration, saving an absolute ton of time for some of our small business clients. We can't wait to see a connected offering for accounting practices. 

Lessons from Lonely Planet - Featuring guest speaker Gus Balbontin
As an exhibitor at a lot of accounting tech events, I have to say MYOB did a great job of selecting the keynote speakers. Sacking an MC for a jazz band was also a pretty cool touch. 

Gus Balbontin, former Executive Director of Lonely Planet recounted how their company was too focused on how to sell more books to their customers. In hindsight, he explained that Lonely Planet should have taken the time to listen to their customers, better understand their problems and pain points, and then offer a solution (as TripAdvisor did). 

" It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is one that is most adaptable to change
" Fix the customer problem.
Listen to the customer, because they will always pick the path of least resistance.
" If you find yourself stuck in traffic. Realize that you are part of that traffic.
Stop making excuses and find a solution.

We left the keynote presentations feeling energized, and with plenty to reflect upon. 

Our move towards making it easier for clients to setup their online presence, publish content online and share via social and e-mail is complementary to the points Gus was making in his presentation.


To wrap up INCITE 2017 event attendees were invited to a session to learn more about the add-on solutions available for use with MYOB products.

In addition to learning the capabilities of add-ons, there was a welcomed focus on how to actually have a good conversation with clients about how add-on solutions can be used to solve common business problems in specific industry sectors (eg. Hospitality operations).

There was quite a lot of value and knowledge offered in the addons@incite session, especially for firms and bookkeepers interested in improving their advisory offering. 

More Events

Towards the end of this month we will be joining MYOB again at Myriad in Brisbane. 

Myriad is a technology and innovation event bringing a top-notch selection of the best ideas, investors and technology from around the world to Queensland. Click here to find out more about Myriad and register.

Interested in exploring MYOB AccountRight Live? Click here

Keen to find out more about how Oncord and AccountRight Live work together? Click here to find out more and schedule a demo. 

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