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When it comes to technology, Laurus Bookkeeping know the value of choosing the right tool for the job.

Being a bookkeeper is more than just crunching numbers and organising receipts. At Laurus Bookkeeping director Cassandra Scott makes it her mission to take the administrative burden away from businesses and allow them to focus on the work they do. 

"People think a bookkeeper is somebody that just punches data into a computer. There's actually a lot more to it. It could mean understanding solutions that are out there to support you, or it could mean providing clarity and support and context around your financial information. At the end of the day people go into business because they're good at what they do. Not because they want to take on a lot of administrative work."

In her own business Cassandra take the same approach she recommends to clients. Finding the right technology for the task is paramount.

"We weren't happy with the way our website was representing our business. But at the time getting our website to look the way we wanted was just too much work. Then we came across Oncord.

I often look at this things and wonder if it's too good to be true. So I've jumped into it and I was a little bit apprehensive, and I've gone wow! This is actually really really easy to use. I don't need to be a creative person and I don't need to have gone through a whole lot of training. I just went in and it worked."

The time Cassandra spent improving her website with Oncord paid off in some major ways. She's now selling her knowledge to businesses and bookkeepers worldwide through her online store. She's also managed to cut down the time she spends acquiring new clients.

"What we're finding is we're getting clients coming back to us and saying they really loved our website and it had so much information on there we really don't have a lot of questions for you. That in turn cuts down the sales pitch that we deliver in an initial meeting, and we can instead focus how we can solve their problems."

Cassandra is continuing to use technology to deliver her knowledge and expertise around the world. If you've been thinking about improving your online presence click the button below to start a free trial or book a walkthrough with one of our consultants.

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