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New Apps - SMS & Affiliates

The SMS Marketing & Affiliate tracking features have been moved to Apps, allowing you to specifically enable / disable these features. Need a refresh on those features?

New Apps - SMS & Affiliates

To simplify the Oncord Dashboard, the SMS Marketing and Affiliate Management features are now available as individual Apps. 

In a move to help simplify our pricing structure and dashboard, we've moved the SMS Marketing and Affiliate Management features from our core platform to individual apps. You can now enable / disable these features from Settings > Apps.

Need a refresh on SMS Marketing and Affiliate Management?

SMS Marketing

The SMS Marketing app allows you to send targeted SMS campaigns to your contacts, via either a broadcast or through an automation sequence.

SMS Marketing is one of the few forms of marketing where an impression is almost certain, which means you're guaranteed that users will at the very least open your message. 

How to be Effective with SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is most effective when sent to a targeted segment of your database.  Do not send to your entire database if they are not likely to be interested - it will just annoy your customers.

Be Targeted - Send SMS campaigns to a specific audience based on the services they're interested in, their past purchase history or other targeted factors. Always consider - is the customer going to be happy about receiving your message?

Use it for Events - If you're running an event, you should try out our Events RSVP App in combination with sending out an SMS reminder in the lead up to your event. You can easily send SMS campaigns to a specific audience, based on how they have RSVP'd to an event. 


Real World Epoxies uses Oncord's SMS marketing to invite qualified prospects to their Epoxy Club.
The Alliance Francaise de Perth uses targeted SMS to inform their customers when courses are changed cancelled.

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking involves partnering with another organisation that will refer traffic to your website.  The partnering organisation will place a special tracking URL in their website or email marketing campaign to let our software know of their referral.

Affiliates can be used to track referred website traffic, sales and newly signed up website contacts. You also have the ability to calculate commission based on those things. 

Affiliates can also be used to track the performance of advertisements you have paid for on other websites (such as via tracking links.

How Affiliates are Used

A common scenario is when a partnering business is advertises your products to their own customer database.  This partner business is called an 'affiliate'.

The first step is to find a partnering business and do an affiliate deal with them.  For instance, "if you promote our products, we'll pay you a 10% commission".   The affiliate then uses your tracking link in their e-mail campaign, and whenever visitors arrive via that link, they are associated with the affiliate.  

This allows you to record the number of views, new contacts and sales generated by your affiliate. After a month or so passes, you can view a report and pay your affiliate their commission.

How to Enable Apps

Simply navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Apps to manage, add or remove apps. 

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