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Oncord is about to launch into the USA market with USA cloud hosting infrastructure and USD billing.

USA Hosting and USD Billing Coming Soon

US Cloud Servers

We’ve recently finalised a new North American server environment to improve performance for clients across the United Sates, Canada, parts of Europe and the UK. All clients in these locations will be migrated to the new servers over the coming weeks. 

If you’re an Oncord customer in one of these locations you may experience a few minutes of website downtime in the month of March. We will endeavour to perform any updates in the early hours of the morning in your local time, to keep disruption to a bare minimum. 

If you are using our nameservers, the migration will happen automatically.
If you are using external nameservers, we will contact you to update the A records for your domain.

After the migration has taken place you will experience improvements in site speed and responsiveness. Another difference you can expect is Search Engine Performance. With site response times becoming increasingly important in search engine rankings we opted for the highest grade hosting environment available. As such, we expect this update will do even more to help our customers outrank their competitors in search.


If you’re in the US, UK, or Europe your site will be much faster. Google will likely reward you with a higher search ranking because of it.

USD Pricing

Up until now, if you’re an Oncord customer you’ve been paying for your monthly subscription in Australian dollars. Over the years we’ve had feedback that this can present difficulties for our international customers who are mainly used to dealing in (and thinking in) US dollar pricing. We have also heard it can create an additional accounting burden for some of these customers.

To rectify this problem, we have developed infrastructure to begin taking USD payments from international customers. If you’re an Oncord customer based outside of Australia and New Zealand you will now be charged your monthly subscription fee in USD instead of AUD. 

To reflect the currency difference their will be a pricing difference in the subscription packages for international customers, which are as follows:

Base Package: $49 AUD will become $39 USD

Marketing Add-On: $50 AUD will become $40 USD

Ecommerce Add-On: $50 AUD will become $40 USD

This means that if you are a client outside of Australia and New Zealand, and you’re using the base package only, you’ll now pay $39 USD per month, if you’re using one of the marketing or Ecommerce add-ons, you’ll pay $79 USD, and if you’re using the full Oncord platform with all packages enabled you’ll pay $119 USD.

Their will also be a pricing difference in the Add-On Packages, which will be as follows:

Small Add-On:
$70 AUD will become $60 USD.

Medium Add-On: $120 AUD will become $100 USD

Large Add-On: $200 AUD will become $160 USD

These pricing changes will come into effect from the 1st of April 2020. Australian and New Zealand customers will continue to pay their subscriptions in AUD and will not experience any price changes.


Customers outside of Australia and New Zealand will be charged in US Dollars for their monthly subscription, and will experience a small change in their package price. Customers within Australia and New Zealand will continue to be charged in AUD and will not experience any change.


We hope these changes will provide some small quality-of-life and ease-of-use improvements for our international customers. If you have any questions concerns about the upcoming changes, please contact right away.

As a final note we want to thank you all for your continued support. We now have customers in 13 countries around the world, and a growing international team to support them. We are immensely proud to have gained so many fans and customers in far away places. It drives us to work tirelessly to continue to export the awesome Oncord experience as far and wide as we can. 

Thanking you all and wishing you a fantastic 2020.

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