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Our newest web editor update features a host of new templating capabilities and quality-of-life improvements.

Custom Template Elements

Changing Team Member styles and adding new people to the team.

We've created a number of custom styled content blocks for you to use in your pages.  Next time you need to update your Team section or add a new Testimonial to your home page, try using one of our new template elements.

These can be accessed by clicking 'Insert' in the left toolbar and selecting the 'Elements' tab at the top of the panel.

Each template element has a selection of customisation options available, allowing you to change properties like the style, background colour and border width to name a few.  Experiment with the options available to each template to create your own preferred look and feel.

Template Spotlight: 'Section'

Apply a parallax effect to your background images using the new Section element.

See the parallax effect on your live site or by selecting 'view' from the left toolbar to see a preview.

We have a new template element simply called 'Section' which acts as a wrapper for sections of your page.  The best part of the Section is the host of options for managing the background, which include colours, gradients and images. You can even add parallax to give your page a modern touch.

Sections can also help you constrain your content size while using expansive full-width backgrounds. Happy Sectioning!

New Element Toolbars

Access element options via the new Element Toolbar.

Templates and elements with editable properties have been equipped with a new toolbar, letting you know where to find the options you're looking for.

We've given the new toolbars labels too, so you always know where you are and what you're editing. 

Move, edit and delete elements


Moving elements around on your page is as easy as clicking and dragging the label on the element's toolbar.

You'll find the options to Edit an element's properties or Delete the element altogether by clicking the ellipsis on the right of the toolbar.  This is also where you'll find the new Duplicate feature.


Duplicate elements to quickly create pages.

A big quality-of-life addition to the new element toolbar is the Duplicate function. Customise elements, templates and whole sections, and use Duplicate to quickly copy them for reuse. 

Drag and Drop Sections

Drag whole sections of content into you page from the Insert Panel.

To help you quickly put together stylish pages, the editor now comes with a selection of drag-n-drop Sections with premade content.  These combine the new Section element with Rows, Columns, Images and other components that you can quickly drop, customise and rearrange to rapidly create pages that fit your style.

These can be accessed by clicking 'Insert' in the left toolbar and selecting the 'Sections' tab at the top of the panel.

To start off you'll have access to five different categories of sections: Content, Features, Hero, Team and Testimonial.  We'll be expanding our range of categories in the future, so keep an eye out for new content in the coming months.  

We're working hard to improve our software every day, and we get to do that because of the support we receive from you.  So a big thanks from the team at Oncord, we hope you enjoy our latest release.

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