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Movement Enhanced

A Boutique Strength & Conditioning Gym

A strong digital presence helps Movement Enhanced stand out in a competitive market.

Health and fitness is an incredibly competitive industry. When Ben Thompson started his fitness studio he knew he had to be smart about his marketing. The big studios and gyms had advertising budgets he could only dream of. Breaking into this market wasn't going to be easy.

Ben decided the only chance he had was to take a digital approach to his marketing. By leveraging technology he could reach far more potential clients than his competitors, while only spending a fraction of their budget. 

The approach paid off. While competitors were investing in traditional advertising, Ben was attracting hundreds of thousands of potential customers to his fitness blog, without spending a cent promoting it.

His most popular article '5 Exercises To Fix Tight Abductors' has amassed 130,000 views worldwide. Many of those visitors went on to download his ebook and sign up for his mailing list. 

“Building a passionate digital community has been the key to our success” Ben says “And Oncord has really allowed us to achieve a different level of growth and influence online”.

Ben is now in the process of transitioning his booming Brisbane fitness studio into a global brand, with Oncord’s digital marketing platform at the centre of that strategy. 

If you’re keen to explore Oncord for yourself, click the button below to try a demo, or book a walkthrough with one of our consultants.

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