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<ss:ajax:event />

AJAX events define an interaction sequence between a client and the server.
Typically, javascript will trigger the AJAX event which executes code and updates a region on the page.
For example, ticking a box might send data to the server, and depending on it's value, show or hide additional content on the page.

On Oncord controls, any javascript event can trigger an ajax event.
Just specify the native event name, suffixed by ajax.
For instance: onclickajax="..." and onchangeajax="...".


Give this control a unique id. Can be accessed in the client DOM (eg, document.getElementById('myid'), or in the server DOM using $myid or $('myid')).
Whether or not to show a loading message. Default = true.
Sets which ajax:region controls to refresh


Checkbox Show / Hide

Shows or hides a block of content based on a checkbox.

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MD5 Calculator

Demonstrates an AJAX event and region to calculate a MD5 of the edit box value.

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