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Get Started: Contact Enquiry Forms

This tutorial will provide an overview of common form elements, and walk through implementation of a basic enquiry form.

Newsletter Signup Forms

Implement a simple newsletter sign-up form, which adds a new subscribed contact to your database, and display a pop-up message on success.

Add Contacts to Groups via Form Submissions

Learn how to implement a web form that adds a newly created contact to a group.

Login Forms

This article explains how to implement a member login form on a Oncord powered website.

Registration Forms

This article explains how to implement a basic registration form on a Oncord powered website.

Two Stage Registration Forms

A two-stage registration form requests a user sign up with only an e-mail address or limited details, and then asks for more details on a second page

Website Search

Add a search box to your website design or a page on your site.

Execute PHP on Form Submissions

Execute a custom PHP function when an Oncord form is submitted.

Advanced E-mail Notifications

This form will ask the user "What can we help you with?", and send a notification message to an e-mail address depending on which item is selected.

Creating Multiple Contact Records via Form Submissions

This tutorial covers implementation of a registration form that will create two or more Individual contacts, with relationship to a Company contact.

Using AJAX With Forms

AJAX provides the ability to update parts of a website page or form, without reloading the entire page.

Example: In-Store Registration Form

An example well suited to in-store registration forms. Users are not logged in after submissions, refreshing the page ready for subsequent submissions.

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