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Client Handover

We recommend agencies provide a training session with each client as part of the website handover process. Training sessions help ensure users are comfortable with Oncord, and offer an opportunity to setup billing and administrators.

Here are some recommended training topics;

Website & Contacts

  • Editing and updating website pages.
  • Adding blog posts / news articles to the website.
  • Contact management, search and where to find form submissions and enquiries.

Marketing Features

  • Create and send an e-mail newsletter.
  • Basic automated workflows (eg. e-mail campaign on form submission). 
  • How to connect Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn social accounts. 

Commerce Features

  • Sales invoicing and how to raise a manual sale.
  • Adjustments and refunds.
  • Order shipping fulfilment.
  • Add / remove / update Products.
  • Inventory management (if needed)
  • Managing Product Categories

Towards the end of your training session, setup the client with an administrator login and ensure payment information is entered into the account:

1. Invite Administrators

To send an e-mail invite to administrators, login to their website account and navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Administrators.

Each admin user needs to have their own unique account (rather than a shared login).

Users will enter a mobile number as part of the invite process, which will be used for 2-factor authentication.

If the e-mail invite doesn't arrive in the client's inbox, advise them to check their spam / junk folder. Otherwise, you can edit the administrator's contact record and set a password for them manually.

2. Add Payment Information

After the client has been setup with an administrator login, they can navigate to:
Dashboard > Settings > My Account to view all invoices and add payment information.

Clients can pay via:

- Visa debit and credit cards.
- MasterCard debit and credit cards.
- American Express debit and credit cards.

3. Set Billing to "Active"

Oncord billing runs on the 1st of each month, on all accounts set to the Billing Status of "Active". 

To update the billing status of one of your accounts, login to the Reseller Panel and navigate to the "Your Websites" page to view all your accounts. Edit the website, check the features / pricing plan is correct, and change the Billing Status from "Paused" to "Active". 

4. Follow Up & Final Checks

After you've finished with the above items, here's a quick checklist that our internal project team uses when launching new sites:

  • Run a test of the contact form to make sure enquiries reach the client's inbox. 
  • For Commerce clients, make sure the notification e-mail address is set and run a test purchase (you can use direct deposit as a payment method to avoid charging your card). 
  • Check mobile devices to ensure layout and menu function correctly. 
  • Check all links and phone numbers on the website home page, and in the header and footer. A quick way to do this, is to hover over links to check they look ok. Run the link checker tool via Dashboard > Pages > Check Links.
  • E-mail the client our beginner training resources in case they need assistance:

Additional Items:

  • Setup a favicon (our team uses
  • Set an SEO keywords and descriptions on at least the home page. 
  • Add Google Tag Manager & FB Pixel if needed. 
  • If they're moving from an old site, ensure Page Re-directors are setup from old addresses to new (Dashboard > Website > Pages > Re-directors). 
  • Check sizes of images and video for impact on load time and bandwidth / storage usage. The network tab of Google Chrome dev tools is a quick, easy way to check. Otherwise check out


If you need help with any of the above, or for any billing errors please contact us, and we'll work through a solution.