Video: Your First Website

Watch a crash course on how to create your first Oncord powered website. Generate a design theme, or custom-code from scratch.

0:10 - Website, contacts and marketing features.
0:57 - E-commerce and accounting integrations (
1:31 - UI Controls (
1:56 - PHP API (
2:10 - Posts and custom fields.
2:42 - Generate a design theme based on a logo.
3:54 - Secure pages.
4:11 - Custom code a new design theme.
5:05 - Manage media.
5:36 - Migrate a blog.
6:17 - Oncord for agencies.

Next Steps:

If you prefer working with a visual editor:
- Working with Oncord Designs

If you're comfortable working with code, or if you're a web developer / web designer:
- User Interface Controls & PHP API

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