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Shopping Cart PHP Algorithms

When working with shipping methods, developers are able to code custom PHP algorithms to calculate pricing. Below you will find some common examples.

To configure a custom PHP algorithm for a shipping method, navigate to:
Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Shipping Methods > New Shipping Method. 

When creating the new shipping method, select the "Custom PHP Algorithm" pricing option. 

Example One: Using Postcodes

A florist charges $10 delivery to suburbs nearby, $20 to suburbs slightly further away, otherwise a flat rate of $30. Shipping is calculated per cart, not per item.

Example Two: Using Weight

An online retailer ships heavy items around the country (eg. trampolines and accessories). A delivery fee is calculated based on the weight of the products.

Charge $25 per item under 10kg, and $40 per item between 10-20kg. Where items in the cart are over 20kg, throw an error asking the user to request a quote. 

Charge per item in the shopping cart, rather than a flat total for the entire cart. 

Example Three: Using Product Categories

An electronics store charges based on the Product Category of the Products in the shopping cart.

Charge $200 delivery for Desks, and $150 for Computers (where Desks and Computers are the Product Categories). Otherwise charge $50.