Help A Client Login

The following article outlines some tips for assisting clients who are experiencing difficulties logging into their Oncord Dashboard. 

Important! Take care, security is a concern here.  

If someone is asking for an admin invite, always ensure it's a legitimate request by contacting the company to confirm.

You should never know a user's password, and you should avoid sending an email containing a password. It's best to ask the client to set / reset their password.

Need to Add a New Administrator? 

Follow the instructions in our Learning Centre. 

Confirm the login URL, and ask the client to reset their password

You can check the e-mail address associated with an administrator by logging into their Dashboard, and visiting Settings > Administrators.

After confirming their email address is correct, e-mail the client to confirm the URL they should be using to login, and ask them to reset their password:

--- --- --- 

Hi Client, 

You can login to your Oncord Dashboard via

The e-mail address associated with your administrator login appears to be

There's a "Lost Password" link on the login form that will allow you to reset your password. 

If the password reset email doesn't arrive in your inbox, please double-check your spam / junk folder.

Let me know how you go. 

--- --- ---

Didn't Work? Manually Set Their Password

If the above didn't work and the user is still having issues with login, you can set a temporary password manually:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Administrators. Confirm their e-mail address is correct.
  2. Edit the contact associated with their admin profile, and change their password. Tick the option "Request change of password on next log in". 

Then, e-mail the client their new password: 

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

Hi Client, 

I have set a temporary password for you: XXXXXX

Can you please login now using the updated password. 

After logging-in, you'll be prompted to set a new password.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- 

Still Not Working? 

Ask the client to contact Oncord Support.