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Website Navigation Overview

Types of Navigation

Primary navigation: The main method of navigating the website. The primary navigation is usually located in the header of the website, towards the top of the page.

Secondary navigation: Fall-back navigation aimed at providing some extra navigation items relevant to the users current position on the site. Usually used for sidebar navigation menus, or pages listed in the footer of the website. 

Breadcrumb navigation: Shows the current navigation item, in addition to the previous parent navigation items.

Sitemap: A map of the hierarchy of all pages on the website. This is automatically generated on all Oncord websites at

Dynamic navigation: Navigation is said to be dynamic when it reflects the page sitemap structure, and is automatically updated when new pages are added or removed. This type of navigation allows a non-technical admin user to alter which items appear in navigation menus through the CMS.

Static navigation: Navigation which has been coded as links in the website design, meaning users who aren't acquainted with HTML will need to get in contact with a web developer in order to change their navigation items.

What's Next?

To get started, click here to learn how to implement a dynamic primary navigation menu.