Get Started: Contact Enquiry Forms
Oncord features a powerful api for generating feature rich forms to tackle any situation. The following guide will walk through the setup of a basic contact form.

Login Forms
This article explains how to implement a member login form on a Oncord powered website.

Add Contact To Groups
This tutorial will show you how to add a contact to a group as part of a form submission.

Newsletter Signup
A simple implementation of a Oncord newsletter signup form.

Two Stage Registration Forms
A two-stage registration form requests a user sign up with only an e-mail address or limited details, and then asks for more details on a second page

Auto-Logout and Redirect After Submission
Useful for in-store forms where a terminal or iPad is shared between users for data capture.
Applications might be: In-store electronic feedback form at point of sales, electronic competition form on an iPad at a tradeshow.

Website Search
Add a search box to your website design or a page on your site.

Product Enquiry Form
Create a product enquiry form, which requests basic contact fields and shows a list of products.

Calling custom PHP functions with OnSubmitServer
Make calls to the Oncord API or a custom web service by writing a PHP function that is called when the form is submitted.