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Managing Administrators

For security, it's important that each administrator uses their own account (don't share login details among multiple team members). There is no limit to the number of administrators, and we do not charge for additional admin users. Administrators will be required to enter a mobile number which may be used if their account is locked due to suspicious activity (eg. overseas login). 

To manage administrators; 

1. Login to the Dashboard, and click the "Settings" icon located at the bottom of the left sidebar (pictured below).

2. Select the "Administrators" heading to view and manage your administrators.

Inviting a New Administrator

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Administrators.

2. Click the "Invite Administrators" button at the top of the page.

3. Enter the e-mail address of the new administrator.

4. Select an Administrator Role. Administrator Roles define which features of the dashboard the administrator may access.

5. Click "Create Administrator" to invite the new administrator. Didn't receive the e-mail? Admin invites occasionally land in the junk / spam folder of your inbox.

Removing an Administrator

1. Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Administrators.

2. Click the menu next to the administrator's name.

3. Select the option "Remove Admin Privileges". The admin will no longer be able to login to the Dashboard. They will remain in Contacts (go to Dashboard > Customers > Contacts if you wish to unsubscribe or remove them). 

Configuring Administrator Roles

Administrator roles are used to restrict access to certain features of Oncord. 

As an example scenario, each team member will maintain different areas of the website, such as a blog manager and product store manager. The product store manager role only allows access to the Commerce features of the Oncord dashboard, and the blog manager role would only have access to the Website features. 

Creating a New Security Role

1. Login to the Dashboard and click the "Settings" icon, located at the bottom of the lefthand sidebar.

2. Select the "Administrators" heading.

3. Click the button labeled "Configure Roles and Security" to view all the current security roles. Click the "New Role" button at the top of the page to begin creating a new role.

Enter a meaningful title for identifying the role and a description that accurately describes the use of the role. The 'Access control method' option allows you to choose how you want the below access checklist to function, you have two options: 'Disable the features checked below', or 'Allow only the features checked below'.

Proceed to check / un-check (depending on your Access Control Method) the features that the new role is going to have access to.

When you are happy with the access you have provided the role with, Click the "Save Role" button at the bottom of the screen.