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Hosting A Sub-Site

You can host additional websites in a single Oncord account as "sub-sites". Sub-sites are accessed via a separate domain to your primary website, but are managed through the same Oncord Dashboard.

A sub-site must be owned by the same company as your primary website.

Hosting a sub-site costs an additional $9.00 AUD per month.

It's worth noting that sub-sites are different to subdomains. A sub-domain is an extension of your domain name, such as Subdomains can be used for separate Oncord accounts, and may also host sub-sites if you wish.

Sub-site Limitations

Before configuring a sub-site, consider the points below to decide whether your additional website should be a sub-site, or a separate Oncord account:

Sub-sites should only ever be "satellite" offerings, like products or services offered by the primary brand. They should represent the same company.

Sub-sites share a contact and sales database with your primary website. 

System pages such as the shopping cart, payment process, unsubscribe page, events rsvp page, website search function, product catalogue and all other non-editable system pages need to run from the primary website, rather than the sub-site. System pages also need to use the default web design theme, rather than the design used by the sub-site. Where you need system pages to appear differently across multiple websites, you'll need to use a separate Oncord account rather than a sub-site. 

Separating sub-sites from a main account in the future is a manual process that needs to be quoted by Oncord's support team. Therefore, it's not a good idea to setup a sub-site for a business entity that will need to be separated out at some point (eg. as part of a business sale). 

Sub-sites do not have a dedicated staging URL, so prior to go-live you can only view subsite pages via Oncord's visual page editor. 

How To Host a Sub-site

Login to the dashboard, and click the "Settings" icon located at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Navigate to Domains > Park Registered Domain.

Enter the domain name, select the option "Host a sub-site" as the Domain Mode and click "Park Domain" to submit.

In order to point the domain name at Oncord, login to your domain registrar and enter these addresses as the name servers :