Get Started

Setup The MYOB Integration

The aim of the MYOB AccountRight Live integration is to reduce your time spent matching data between MYOB and Oncord, and to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts. The MYOB integration will allow you to:

1. Keep contacts updated seamlessly between your website and AccountRight Live.

2. Send e-mail marketing campaigns based on contact information or sales data stored in AccountRight Live.

3. Synchronize sales invoices and receipts.

What does the Integration Sync?

The MYOB AccountRight Live integration works by synchronising the following information:

From Oncord From MYOB
  • Only contacts with sales are pushed into MYOB.
  • Changing a contact's details in any part of Oncord will also update in MYOB.
  • Deleting a contact will not delete them in MYOB.
  • Contacts within MYOB contacts are pulled into Oncord.
  • Any change to contact details will be reflected in Oncord.
  • Deleting a contact will not remove them from Oncord.
  • All sales in Oncord are pushed into MYOB.
  • Changing particulars of a sale are pushed to MYOB.
  • Deleting a sale will also delete the invoice in MYOB.
  • All invoices are pulled into Oncord. 
  • Changes to invoices in MYOB will be reflected in Oncord
  • Deleting an invoice in MYOB will also delete the invoice in Oncord.
  • Depending on the Payment Method Configuration, receipts will create payments in Oncord.
  • Deletion of receipts will also delete in MYOB.
  • Depending on the Payment Method Configuration, receipts will create payments in Oncord.
  • This allows for direct deposit payments to be easily reconciled from the bank feed.
  • Deletion of payments will also delete in Oncord.
Inventory / Products
  • When enabled, products in Oncord will be synced to AccountRight as inventory.
  • Inventory levels only sync in one direction from Oncord to AccountRight.
  • Updates to inventory in MYOB won't be reflected in Oncord.

Note: Because deletions are not reflected in either system, you may need to delete entries in both systems.

When Does it Sync?

You can choose to enable or disable automatic synchronisation within the MYOB integration configuration page.

Oncord will batch-sync with MYOB two minutes after an update takes place within Oncord.

For instance, if you updated a member's email address at 2:00pm, and then an invoice is created at 2:03pm.  Both changes would be reflected at 2:04pm within MYOB.

If no update takes place in Oncord, a scheduled sync will take place after one day to download data from MYOB.

Before Starting

Before you enable the integration, you need to:

1. Check your Oncord pricing plan supports the MYOB integration. 

2. Perform a back-up of your company file in MYOB. 

To check your Oncord plan: Your website will need to include the complete functionality of Oncord. Look for the "Commerce" and "Marketing" headings in the left sidebar of the Oncord Dashboard. If both of those headings are included in your Dashboard, you are on the complete plan and able to enable the integration. Upgrading your plan is an easy, instant process. Simply  contact us

Perform a back-up of your company file: To perform a backup of your company file, click the File > Backup option from within MYOB AccountRight Live.

Configuration Options

After you enable the integration, you'll be presented with configuration settings to fine tune the integration.

To Enable The Integration

Login to your website dashboard, and navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Apps link in the left-hand menu. Click the "Enable" button in the MYOB AccountRight Live integration box. A popup dialog will redirect you to allow Oncord to access AccountRight Live. Select the appropriate company file.