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Change Links After E-mail Sent

It is not possible to modify the content of an e-mail message after it has been sent.  It is important to always test, proofread and check that all links point to the correct destination prior to sending.

Oncord allows you to track the number of clicks of links in your e-mail campaigns.  It does this by 'rewriting' your links to a personalised URL which tracks the click against the recipient contact and then redirects the user to your original URL.  
As an example, a link to /about-us/ is rewritten to /go/abcd/ where 'abcd' is a token identifying the contact and the link.

This gives us the opportunity to be able to change the redirection of the URL after the email has been sent.

We all make mistakes...

You're probably here because you've sent out an e-mail campaign and one of your links is going to the wrong location.
If you have 'Track Link Clicks' enabled (which is the default setting), it is fortunately possible to fix this.

Open the Statistics of your email send by clicking on it:

Open the "Clicked" report:

Find the link, click the drop down and press "Change Link URL":

Enter the New URL and save:

Make sure you test that your new link is working by opening a campaign that was already sent.