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Updating Your Navigation Menu

This tutorial will explain how to update the pages that appear in your navigation menu.

The Navigation Menu

Most Oncord powered websites automatically populate navigation menus to reflect the pages that you've created. This means you can control which pages appear in the navigation menu, without needing to alter any code. You can add or manage pages in the navigation menu, and specify the order they will appear in.

To view your website pages; Login to Oncord, and click the "Pages" option, which appears underneath the "Website" heading in the left-menu. (Dashboard > Website > Pages).

Hide a Page From The Navigation Menu

To hide a page from the navigation menu take the following steps: 

Login to your website dashboard. 
Click the "Pages" link in the left-hand sidebar, located under the "Website" heading. 
Click the three dots next to the page you would like to hide.
Click the "SEO & Page Settings" option in the drop-down menu.
Click the "Attributes and Security" tab at the top of the page.
Tick the option "Hidden in Navigation" to hide the page from appearing in navigation menus.
Save the page.

If you have taken the above steps and the page is still appearing in the navigation menus, your navigation menu may be statically set in the website design template. In this case you'll need to talk to your designer or Oncord representative about removing it.

The Page Title

The page title is used to specify how your page appears in navigation menus throughout your website. The navigation menu of your website will automatically populate with pages using their page titles, hiding pages that are set to "hidden in navigation". This gives you control over website navigation, allowing you to simply change a page title rather than requiring a web designer to change menu items in the design template.

Changing a Page Title

To change a page title you'll need to click on a page as if you were going to edit the content. From there, select the Settings option on the left-hand toolbar. The page title can be changed in the first section of this window.

After you move or rename a page on your website, Oncord will automatically move the attached media of that page to the new page location for you. A page re-director will also be setup automatically, so that if users go to the old page address they will be redirected to the new location.

Changing the Page Order

To change the order of how pages appear in the navigation menu:

Login to your website dashboard. 
Click the "Pages" option in the left-hand sidebar, located under the "Website" heading. 
Place your cursor over a page you would like to re-arrange, then click and drag it into a new position.

If moving pages and changing the page title doesn't update your navigation menu; Your navigation menu items may have been explicitly defined in your website design template. Edit your website design theme, contact your web designer, or ask us for support if you're not able to update your navigation menu.