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Sales E-mail Notifications

When a sale is created (either manually, or by a customer making a purchase), the customer will receive a copy of the invoice, and you may also receive a copy of the invoice as a notification e-mail.

To configure the e-mail address to be used when sending invoices, or to configure the e-mail address to receive notifications when a sale is created, navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Invoicing.

Under "Notifications", two options exist:

Admin Notification E-mails:
The e-mail address to be notified when a new sale takes place. You may send a notification to multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma (eg.,

'From Address' for E-mails Sent to Customers:
When customers are sent an invoice, this is the e-mail address recipients will see as the sender / reply address.

Where you haven't configured an e-mail address, the default e-mail marketing sender address will be used instead, or where you don't have Oncord's Marketing features enabled, the billing e-mail address associated with your Oncord account (Dashboard > Settings > My Account).

Please note - Oncord must be permitted by your SPF policy to send mail on behalf of the e-mail address you've configured, otherwise the message will not be delivered (don't use a personal e-mail address such as,, etc).