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Creating Page Redirectors

Oncord Page Redirectors transfer visitors from one location on your website to another. They are commonly used when a page is removed, moved, or renamed, ensuring users who try to access the old URL still find the intended content.

Having Page Redirectors set up properly helps maintain a positive user experience and avoids "broken links," especially when you have non-functional URLs (like temporary campaign landing pages) in your previous email marketing campaigns. This also helps maintain the SEO performance of your website.

When a page is moved or renamed, Oncord will automatically set up a redirect from the old address to the new location (expires after 30 days), and any media you have uploaded to the page will also be moved.

To edit the expiration period, navigate to Dashboard > Pages > Redirectors, click on the redirector you want to edit, and then adjust the "Expire After" option.

Creating a New Page Redirector

To create a new redirector:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Pages > Redirectors > New Redirector.
  • From Address: This field is to specify the page which will redirect the user (the old URL).
  • To Address: This field is to specify the page which the user will be redirected to (the new URL).
  • Visible In Navigation: If the page will appear as an item in the navigation menu, tick the option "Visible In Navigation". 
  • Redirection Mode
    • 301 Moved Permanently: This is the most common type of redirection and indicates that the source URL has been permanently moved to the destination URL. Search engines will typically update their records to reflect the new location.

    • 302 Found at Location: This type of redirection suggests that the source URL is only temporarily unavailable and the user maybe redirected back to it in the future. Search engines may not update their records based on a 302 redirect.
  • Note: The Redirection Mode should be set to 301 in most cases.

  • Expire After: This option specifies a time period, indicating the number of days of inactivity required before the redirector is removed. If this field is set to 0, the redirector won't expire.
  • After completing the configuration, click the "Save Redirector" button.

The following video shows an example of creating a new Redirector to transfer visitors from an old page to the "About Us" page.

Looking to redirect a whole domain? You can park a domain that has already been registered and point it to your main website via Dashboard > Settings > Domains > Park Registered Domain.