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Accepting Credit Card Payments

To begin accepting credit card payments on your website you will need to configure a Credit Card Payment Gateway. Payment gateways check for fraud, log transactions, and act as a secure interface between your website and banks.

Your customers will enter credit card details as part of the checkout process on your website. Oncord then passes details of the sale securely to your configured payment gateway. Sensitive credit card information is not processed by or stored within Oncord.

Supported Credit Card Payment Solutions

To get started, choose from the below list of popular credit card payment solutions compatible with Oncord.

It's worth noting that payment solutions may not support your particular region (see "Regions" column below). 

If you plan to use the Recurring Billing App, please note that not all payment providers are compatible (see "Recurring Billing" column). 

Payment Provider Regions Recurring Billing
Stripe Most countries. Read more
PayPal Most countries. Read more
Windcave Most countries. Read more
eWay Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
SecurePay Australia.
Pinch Australia. United States and Canada.
Enkempass United States and Canada.
Moneris Canada.
Bambora North America North America.
eGHL Southeast Asia.
CMI Morocco  Morocco.

How to Enable a Credit Card Payment Gateway

After signing-up for a merchant account with your chosen provider, payment gateways can be configured within Oncord:

Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Commerce > Payment Methods.

At the top of the page, click the "Add Payment Method" button. 

For the Payment Method Type, you can select either "PayPal", or the "Credit Card" option.

Oncord will request some information from you depending on which payment gateway is selected. You'll be able to retrieve the required information from your payment provider (usually via a portal). 

When you're ready, click the blue "Create Payment Method" button to commit your changes.

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