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Managing Groups

Learn how to segment contacts into groups.

Add Contacts to Groups

To get started, navigate to Dashboard > Customers > Groups > Add Contacts to Groups 

Add Contacts to Groups consists of three options:

Import Spreadsheet: This allows you to import contacts from an Excel spreadsheet or “CSV file”. For more details, please check out our tutorial video and help article about How to Import Contacts.

Search and Add: Search contacts to add to groups. This is often used where you only need to add a small number of contact records to a Group.

Bulk Add By Conditions: This option allows you how to add existing contacts to certain groups by using Filter Conditions. This is often used where you need add a large, specific set of contacts to a group. 

Bulk Add by Conditions

 Select "Bulk Add by Conditions" option.

 Specify your conditions, then click the "Filter Contacts" button to apply the filter. Click here to know more about Filtering Contacts.

The contacts who meet the conditions you have specified will be displayed

Select the groups where you want to add the filtered contacts to.

Click "Add Filtered Contacts to Groups".