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Managing Discounts

The following video demonstrates how to setup discounts in the Oncord platform:

Discount Types

The following types of discounts are available:

  • Flat - a fixed dollar/value amount off
  • Percentage - a percentage value off
  • Free shipping - the user does not pay shipping/delivery costs
  • Free Gift Product - choose a product that will automatically be added to cart when this discount is applied 

Applies To

Discounts can either apply to 'individual products', or the 'entire order' (total value of cart).

Discounts can be made relevant to selections of products, categories or brands.


You can make a coupon discount by setting a coupon code.  This requires a user to enter a code when checking-out.

You can also restrict a discount to need to meet certain 'conditions'.  For instance, you might want to restrict a discount to only a certain 'Group'.

Validity with Other Discounts

​Select the option "Allow other discounts to be used in combination with this offer" if you would like two discounts to combine when used.

When not valid together, which discount will be used?
If two discounts are applicable but not 'valid together', the discount of greatest value will be given.
In other words, the best discount is always given to the customer.

When valid together, what is the order of operations?
If two discounts are 'valid together' and one is fixed and the other is a 'percentage discount', it leads to the question of 'what order do these apply'?

For instance:
Product costs: $100
Discount A: $5 off
Discount B: 10% off

In Oncord, the order of operations does not matter, because the discount value is always calculated off the original price of the product.

Discount B will always be 10% of the original $100 = $10.