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Setting Up Sub-Domains

A subdomain is a domain that is a part of another domain. For example, you may have an application separate to Oncord that you need accessible via your domain name, at the address or

Setup a Third Party App on a Subdomain

Third-party software vendors sometimes give you a CNAME or A record to host their service on one of your subdomains.

If you have been given a CNAME or A record to add, you can go to Settings > Domains and then edit the domain you want to add the subdomain record for.

Your configuration should look similar to:

CNAME records allow you to point a subdomain to an alias provided by another service.

"A Records" allow you to point a subdomain to an IP address.

You can only have one CNAME or A record per sub-domain.  This is because a subdomain can only 'point to' or 'resolve to' one location at any given time.

Remember: Changes to DNS can take several hours to propagate.  Please be patient when testing.

If you are having troubles with SSL certificates on one of these subdomains, please contact your third party vendor.

Redirecting a Subdomain To a Page

If you would like to re-direct traffic from a subdomain address to a page on your website, you will need to 'park' the subdomain as a registered domain.

Go to Settings > Domains, then click 'Park Registered Domain'.

For the 'Domain Mode', select 'Redirect to a Specific Page' and enter the URL.

Note: When you are creating a redirector for a subdomain of a domain already configured, you do not need to set the 'name servers'.

Host a Second, Closely Related Website

Oncord sub-sites make it is possible to host multiple websites at different domains or subdomains, within one Dashboard. 
Please follow this tutorial to do this.