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Form Builder

Learn how to create web forms using our form builder.

Oncord's Form Builder allows you to easily create simple web forms, with no coding required. You'll also find a library of pre-made form templates to help you get started.

How to The Use Form Builder

To get started:

  • Open the page editor by navigating to Dashboard > Pages > Click the page you'll be editing.
  • Click the "INSERT" button in the left-hand toolbar to open the insert panel.
  • Scroll down to the "Templates" section and click the "Forms" option.
  • Here you will find pre-built form templates, including general contact forms, login forms, request a quote forms, and donation forms.
  • Drag-and-drop a template into the page to start editing.
  • Alternatively, within the Insert Panel under the "Layout" heading, drag and drop the "form" element into the page, which gives you the basic foundation to start building a form.

Editing the Form

After inserting a form, you can edit the form fields and settings within the edit panel.

Adding a Form ID

Firstly, you need to add a unique form ID for ease when referencing the form throughout Oncord.

Note: Please avoid using spaces in the ID to prevent form errors - it's good practice to use underscores _ instead. 

To add a form ID:

  • Click any field within the form, and a "Form" button will appear in the left-hand toolbar.
  • Click the "Form" button in the left-hand toolbar to open the Form Properties panel.
  • Enter a unique ID in the "Form ID" field.

Editing Form Fields

To add additional form fields:

  • Click the "Add Form Fields" option within the Form Properties panel.
  • Drag and drop a new field element into the form.

Form Fields can also be reordered using drag and drop, either within the Form Properties panel or the visual editor.

Important: Each field should have a unique ID set. This allows the system to save and display data correctly within other parts of the system.

To add or manage the ID of a field:

  • Select the field within the visual editor, or the Form Properties panel.
  • Enter a unique field ID in the "Field ID" field. Avoid using spaces in the ID to prevent form errors.

"On Form Submission" Settings

The "On Form Submission" settings allow you to specify:

  • If and where to send the admin e-mail notification.
  • Whether a new contact record should be created by the form.
  • The success message shown to the user on form completion. 

To configure On Form Submission:

Click the "On Form Submission" button within the Form Properties panel.
Make changes within each section to customize your settings.

Track the History of Form Submissions

Once you've finished building your form, it's a good idea to view the page and run a test submission, to ensure the form is working as intended.

Submitting the form for the first time will also register the form in the system.

If you submit forms as a logged-in user, the contact record associated with your admin login might be updated. It's best to test forms by either logging out of Oncord entirely, or by opening a new Incognito / Private browsing window where you're not logged-in. 

To view the history of submissions:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Pages > Forms.
  • Click the form you'd like to view in the list.
  • Click the "Submissions" option to view/edit the content of a certain form submission.
  • You can also download the submission as PDF by click the "Download PDF" link at the bottom-right of the page.

Automation on Form Submissions 

Once the form has been registered in the system, you can set up an automated workflow to improve communication with your customers and enhance their interactions with your brand.

"Automation" is an automatic workflow completed by Oncord that can be triggered by a form submission. Popular uses of automation for form submissions include:

  • Adding contacts to specific groups after they submit a form.
  • Sending welcome/follow-up emails & SMS to customers.
  • Adding attendees to events.

For more details, please refer to our help article on Marketing Automation.

Note: You need to have Marketing Feature enabled in your Oncord plan, changing your plan is a simple and instant process. Please read our help article on Changing Your Oncord Plan.