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Going Live

The following instructions will allow you to make your new website live.
If you have any difficulties or need our assistance, please get in touch via our support page.

The Oncord Go Live Wizard

The Oncord Go Live Wizard is designed to make launching your new website easy. Simply click the "Go Live" button shown within the Dashboard prior to launching your new website, and follow the steps.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Domains > "Launch the Go Live wizard".

Alternatively, follow the instructions below.

Where Will DNS be Hosted?

DNS hosting is included with all Oncord subscriptions, and suits most situations. If a managed IT service provider is looking after you, they may prefer to host DNS elsewhere.


Do you have any additional domains?

Park a Registered Domain

For any additional domain names, park them in Settings > Domains and repeat the steps you took above.

Register a New Domain

You can register new domains through your Oncord account via Settings > Domains > Register New Domain.

Note: If you have not registered a domain through Oncord before scroll to the bottom of the Register New Domain page and click on the New Customer button.

When registering a new domain through Oncord it will automatically be set to the Oncord name servers by default.