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Setting Up Gmail Hosting

This article will assist you to set up Gmail e-mail hosting, which is an alternative to hosting your e-mail accounts with Oncord.

This article is also relevant if you are migrating to Oncord and currently use Gmail, and want to keep that configuration when you make your new website go live. You should setup your MX records as instructed below or import your domain configuration before you go live, in order to prevent interruption to your email service.

Already Using Gmail Prior to Oncord?

If you are migrating to Oncord and are currently using Gmail, you can just use our  "Go Live Wizard" to import your existing Gmail settings. 

Login to the Dashboard, and select the Settings icon, which is located at the bottom of the left sidebar. 

Select the "Domains" heading.

A notice will display that says "Your website is not live yet", click the link "Launch the Go Live Wizard". 

Manually Setup Gmail

To set up Gmail, you first need to complete all setup instructions with Gmail, until it asks you to "Update your DNS settings".

Once you have created all your accounts in Gmail, open Oncord and go to Settings (cog icon bottom left) then Domains. Click the domain you want to configure Gmail for.

This will open a page showing your DNS settings. These settings are only relevant if your domain points to our name servers.

Click Switch Email Hosting to Gmail. Clicking this button might take a few minutes to process.

After making the above changes, it will take up to a few hours for the settings to take effect.

You can check your MX records using:

Not Using Our Name Servers?

If you're using an external DNS service, set your MX records to Gmail's MX Servers per Google's instructions.

To ensure that email marketing and website form submissions work, you will need to configure an SPF record with the letter 'a' in the record. For Example:

v=spf1  a  -all