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Setup The Xero Integration

To use the Xero Integration; Your account will need to include the complete functionality of Oncord (Marketing & Commerce). An easy way to determine whether you have this plan enabled is to look for the "Commerce" and "Marketing" links on the sidebar of the dashboard.

Upgrading your plan is a very easy process and normally instant, simply contact us.

Logging in to your Xero account before enabling the integration will also make the below steps easier. If you don't already have a Xero account, you can sign up for one on the Xero website:

What Data is Synchronised?

The Xero integration works by synchronising the following information:

From Oncord

From Xero

  • Only contacts with sales are pushed into Xero.
  • Changing a contact's details in any part of Oncord will also update in Xero.
  • Deleting a contact will not delete them in Xero.
  • Only Customer Contacts within Xero's contacts are pulled into Oncord
  • Any change to contact details of customers will be reflected in Oncord.
  • Deleting a contact will not remove them from Oncord
  • All sales in Oncord are pushed into Xero
  • Changing particulars of a sale are pushed to Xero
  • Deleting a sale will not delete the invoice in Xero
  • All invoices are pulled into Oncord. 
  • This allows you to perform marketing based on Xero sales data.
  • Changes to invoices in Xero will be reflected in Oncord
  • Deleting an invoice in Xero will not delete the invoice in Oncord.
  • Depending on the Payment Method Configuration, receipts will create payments in Oncord.
  • Deletion of receipts will not delete in Xero.
  • Depending on the Payment Method Configuration, receipts will create payments in Oncord.
  • This allows for direct deposit payments to be easily reconciled from the bank feed.
  • Deletion of payments will not delete in Oncord.

Note: Because deletions are not reflected in either system, you may need to delete entries in both systems.

When Does it Sync?

You can choose to enable or disable automatic synchronisation within the Xero App integration page (Go to Settings > Apps > "Configuration" link under the Xero App).

Oncord will batch-sync with Xero two minutes after an update takes place within Oncord.

For instance, if you updated a contact's e-mail address at 2:00pm, and then an invoice is created at 2:03pm.  Both changes would be reflected at 2:04pm within Xero.

If no update takes place in Oncord, a scheduled sync will take place after 6 hours to download data from Xero.

Enable The Xero Integration

Navigate to Dashboard > Settings.

Select the "Third Party Integration" page.

Click the "Enable Integration" button in the Xero integration box.

A pop-up dialog will redirect you to allow Oncord to access Xero.

After clicking the "Connect to Xero" button, you will be presented with the below page which will allow you to give Oncord API access to Xero.

Select the organisation you would like to synchronise with and click the "Authorise" button. You will be redirected back to your dashboard.


You will be presented with configuration options the first time you manually synchronise Xero and Oncord. Check the options carefully and configure the integration appropriately.

Important: Map Accounts for Payment Methods:
Synchronisation also occurs between "Payments" in Xero, to "Receipts" in Oncord. This area defines the mapping between the two systems.

For direct deposit accounts, you should select the bank account that customers pay into.

For PayPal, you should select your PayPal account Xero.

For credit card payments, it is recommended you create a new "Clearing Account" in your "Chart of Accounts" called "Credit Card Clearing". Refer to this article:

Cash and other manual payment methods may also use a settlement account.

It is recommended that all payment methods are linked to a Xero account.


To perform the first manual synchronisation and configure the integration, select the "Synchronise button" in the Xero box displayed on the Integrations page.

You will be presented with a configuration form which will allow you to setup how Xero and Oncord interact. If you'd like to access this form again after configuring the integration, click the "Configuration" link for Xero on the Integrations page of the dashboard.

Payment Reconciliation Notes

When configured correctly, payments should reconcile and synchronise as follows:

  1. Customer pays via Direct Deposit
    Oncord does not take payment immediately, invoice is UNPAID
    Customer pays via direct deposit. Bank statement line is allocated to this invoice.  Invoice is PAID in Xero
    Oncord syncs and invoice is PAID in Oncord.
  2. Customer pays via PayPal
    Oncord takes payment immediately, invoice is marked PAID in Oncord
    In Xero, a payment is allocated to the PayPal account.
    When reconciling your PayPal account, each customer payment for invoices should show a green Match to the invoice. 
  3. Customer pays via Credit Card:
    Oncord takes this payment immediately, invoice is marked PAID
    Payment is allocated by Oncord automatically in Xero to your Credit Card Clearing Account (DR).
    When your lump sum payment comes in the next day or two, this should be allocated to the Credit Card Clearing Account (CR)
    At the end of this process, this account should have a balance of $0
  4. Customer pays via EFTPOS
    Oncord takes payment immediately, invoice is marked PAID
    Payment is allocated by Oncord automatically in Xero onto an EFTPOS clearing account (DR).
    When your lump sum payment comes in the next day, this should be allocated to the EFTPOS Account (CR)
  5. Customer pays via Cash
    Oncord automatically marks invoice as PAID.  
    Operations depend on how cash payments are handled in Xero.
    If you do not have it syncing the receipt from Oncord, then when reconciled in Xero, it will pull and you will get an over payment in Oncord.