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Changing The Sender Address

This article will discuss how to change the e-mail address to be when sending e-mail marketing messages from Oncord. 

When creating a new email message, Oncord will set the message to be sent from the e-mail address you have configured as the "Default From Address".

Important: The e-mail address that you send from is defined on a per-message basis. So if you create an e-mail message, and then update the default sender address afterward, you'll need to edit your e-mail message and correct the sender address. The same goes for e-mail message sent via Automation: double-check the settings of those e-mail messages, to ensure the correct sender e-mail address is set. 

Set The Default E-mail Address

The default e-mail address used to send e-mail marketing communication is set on the configuration page in the e-mail marketing area of the Dashboard. To change the default e-mail address:

Login to the Dashboard, and navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > E-mail Marketing.

Click the "Configuration" button located towards the top of the page.

Alter the "Default From Address" and "Default From Name" fields on this page to change the e-mail address to be used when creating future e-mail marketing messages.

Change The Send Address of an Individual Message

You can also change the sender address of an individual message. When editing an e-mail marketing message, click the "Settings" button in the left sidebar, and change the "From Address" and "From Name" to be used when sending this particular message.