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Accepting PayPal Payments

143 million buyers worldwide look for PayPal when shopping online, so we've made integrating with PayPal easier than ever.

PayPal vs a Payment Gateway & Merchant Facility

If your business is new, you may want to consider starting accepting payments with PayPal. PayPal is significantly easier to setup than a merchant facility or payment gateway.

As a general rule of thumb, if your online store has revenue of more than $3,000 per month, it is recommended that you investigate a Payment Gateway and Merchant Facility.

Read about Payment Gateways and Merchant Facilities

Note: You can run both PayPal and a Payment Gateway solution concurrently.

The benefits of using a Payment Gateway and Merchant Facility over PayPal are:

  • Ability to accept credit card directly in Manual Sales form;
  • Increased checkout conversion;
  • Smoother checkout process (Customers are kept on your website, rather than being redirected to a third party);
  • Same or next day settlement in your account;
  • No need to transfer money out of PayPal;
  • Less issues when customers attempt to process payments;
  • Potentially reduced accounting reconciliation time;
  • Reduced fees when turnover is significant.

The benefits of PayPal are:

  • Registered PayPal customers can quickly pay by entering their PayPal username and password.
  • Customers may use the PayPal guest checkout to complete payment without signing up for PayPal
  • Perceived flexibility and security as a PayPal Customer.

Create a PayPal Account

Navigate to the PayPal website for your country and sign up for a PayPal business account:

Oncord does not charge transaction fees, however you should be aware of  PayPal's transaction fees (Link applicable to Australia, make sure you check the fees associated with your country).

After creating an account, you will need to find your PayPal Business ID. If you do not have this, you can locate it by logging into your PayPal account on the PayPal website, then click "My Account" > "Profile".  Your PayPal Business ID is usually your e-mail address.

Configuring the PayPal Payment Method in Oncord

After retrieving your Paypal Business ID, perform the following steps to start accepting PayPal:

  1. Login to the admin panel of your website and click the Settings icon, located at the bottom of the left sidebar. Select the "Commerce" heading. 
  2. Click "Payment Methods" to view all the available and enabled payment methods on your website. Any changes made on this page will not be live on the website until the "save changes" button at the bottom of the page is clicked.
  3. Click the "Enable" button next to the PayPal payment method to view the options for setting up PayPal.
  4. Enter a payment title / label as you would like it to be displayed to the user. This label should be similar to "PayPal Secure Payment".
  5. If you would like this payment method to be usable for both admin manual sales and public users, tick both "enabled for" boxes.

Note: Using PayPal for manual sales is not recommended as you will not be able to process credit cards that are associated with an existing PayPal account.

What Customers See

As the final stage of the shopping cart process, customers will choose between your configured payment methods. When PayPal has been configured as above, it will display as a payment option.

After confirming the sale, customers will be re-directed to PayPal to process the transaction. Customers may login with their PayPal account, or alternately Pay with Debit or Credit card as a guest, without registering for PayPal:

After completing the purchase, customers will be returned to your website and the sale will be confirmed.

Manual Sales With PayPal

In the Manual Sales screen of Oncord, you are given which choice of payment method to use.  When selecting PayPal, you are then given the options of "Customer has already paid via PayPal" and "Attempt to charge via PayPal".

  • Customer has already paid via PayPal - Useful if the customer has already paid and you're wanting to create an invoice from the transaction id.
  • Attempt to charge credit card via PayPal - Can be used to redirect the administrator to the PayPal payment screen to enter and charge customer cards without creating a customer PayPal account. This will not work if the customer has a PayPal account with the card you are entering added to it.

Technical Information

Oncord uses PayPal IPN. IPN is an acronym for "Instant Payment Notification". It is a technique which automatically verifies and records payments into the Oncord database without any manual intervention.