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E-mail Marketing 

Learn how to send e-mail marketing campaigns.

E-mail Marketing 

The Email Marketing tool allows you to send newsletters and personalized messages to your customers.

In this article:

E-mail Marketing Features
E-mail Marketing Requirements
Managing E-mail Designs
Creating E-mails
Viewing Statistics

E-mail Marketing Features

The E-mail Marketing tool includes the following features:

Unlimited e-mail designs management.
Generate newsletters from scratch/posts.
Drag & Drop visual editor, no coding required.
Spam Analysis to ensure optimal deliverability.
Test Message functionality - allowing you to catch errors and preview the final look.
E-mail Scheduling.
Target sends based on activity/groups.
Detailed Statistics & Reporting to track campaign performance.
Automate the e-mail workflow.

E-mail Marketing Requirements

The E-mail Marketing tool is included with Oncord's Marketing plan. So if you'd like to run e-mail campaigns, you can enable the Oncord Marketing add-on.

Adding features and changing your Oncord plan is easy, click here for instructions.

Managing E-mail Designs

A design is responsible for maintaining consistency throughout your e-mail marketing messages. You can define the global elements such as logo, fonts, colours, header and footer that appear throughout your e-mail messages.

To manage your e-mail designs:

  • Navigate to: Dashboard > Website > Designs
  • Under the "E-mail Designs" heading, an e-mail design is automatically created by default when you generate your first Website Design.
  • Each design has a title for reference purposes throughout the system. To change the title of a design, hover over the existing title to reveal a pencil icon, or click the "Settings" button in the left panel when editing a design.

Create a New E-mail Design

To create a new E-mail Design:

  • Navigate to: Dashboard > Website > Designs.
  • Under the "E-mail Designs" heading, click the "New Email Design" option. A standard e-mail design will be created, which you can customize.
  • Editing E-mail Designs is similar to editing Web Designs, you can view the help article Edit the Web Design for more details.

Nominate The Default E-mail Design

It's important to nominate the default E-mail Design when you have multiple designs. Newly created e-mail messages will use the default design, unless they have been configured to use another specific design (edit the email, click "Settings" in the left panel).

The Default E-mail Design is the one with the "DEFAULT" icon on it next to the title, and you can also check how many e-mails are using this design by hovering over the " " icon.

To nominate a default E-mail Design:

  • Navigate to: Dashboard > Website > Designs.
  • Under the "E-mail Designs" heading, click the three-dot button on the relevant design to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • Click the "Make E-mail Default" option.

After understanding how to manage your E-mail Designs properly, it's time to create your first E-mail message.

Creating E-mails

Initial Setup

In order to use e-mail marketing, you must specify some default settings. 

  • Navigate to: Dashboard > Marketing > E-mail > New Message.
  • Default From Address: Enter the e-mail address that this message will be sent from. Most of the time, this is your business's generic contact email. For example:
  • Default From Name: Enter a name, so your recipients can identify you as the sender. This could be your business name.
  • Click the "Save Default Settings" button.
  • These settings can also be changed later via Dashboard > Marketing > E-mail > Three-dot Button > Configuration.

Note: You must clearly identify yourself as the sender. Providing false or misleading information will cause you to violate spam acts.

Create a New E-mail

  • Navigate to: Dashboard > Marketing > E-mail > New Message.
  • In the pop-up window:
    • Method of Creation: Select whether you want to create the e-mail from scratch or a post.
    • Message Type: Select whether you want to create a Broadcast or an Automation. Most of your regular e-mail marketing campaigns should be a Broadcast.
  • Click the "Create E-mail" button. 
  • Give a subject title to the e-mail at the top of the page.
  • Then you can start editing the content of the email on the visual page editor, which is similar to editing a web page.
  • Spam Analysis: This tool will scan the different elements of you email and let you know if your email is likely to be caught in spam filters.
  • Send a test message to yourself to catch errors and preview the final look.

  • Once you are ready to send the e-mail, click the "Next" button in the left panel.
  • On the "Prepare to Send" page, you can:
    • Preview: View the e-mail in a different preview formats.
    • Choose Recipients: Select recipients for your email using our Conditions Tool.
    • Send Options: Schedule to send the e-mail at a specified time in the future.

Note: If you don't select specific recipients for your email, then the e-mall will be sent to all contacts.

The following example is showing schedule an e-mail to recipients who are in the "VIP Members" group.

Viewing Statistics

Once the e-mail has been sent, you can view the statistics & performance of the campaign:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Marketing > E-mail.
  • Click the title of the email or the three-dot button > Statistics.

On the Statistics page, you'll be able to view the performance data of the e-mail, including:

A list of contacts who opened/unopened the e-mail.
The number of clicks on the links and buttons in the email and the contacts who made the clicks.
Any e-mails that bounced.
Contacts who have unsubscribed from receiving your e-mail marketing messages.
An effectiveness score representing the overall performance of the campaign.

Next Step

Once you've understood Oncord's E-mail Marketing tool and created your first campaign, it's time to configure automated marketing workflows using Oncord Automation.