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Companies and Relationships

Types of Contacts

Oncord has two types of contact records: Individual and Company.

To set the type of contact record, create or edit an existing contact and set the Contact Type to Individual or Company:

When viewed in a list, they are represented by the following icons:


Creating Relationships

Contact records can be linked together by creating relationships.  To create a relationship between two contacts, open one contact's profile and click "Edit Relationships".

Click "New Relationship"

A dialog box will appear where you can link the two contacts.

Importing Records

You can use the Customers > Contacts > Import tool to import a spreadsheet of contacts.  If you map a column to the "Company" field, any Individual contacts will be linked to create a new relationship of type "Employee" to the Company record specified in the spreadsheet.

Ultimately, this may result in more contact records being created than the number of rows in the spreadsheet.  This is due to both individual records and company records being created.  If an existing company record exists, it will be used.


When using the 'Company' personalisation tag (such as when running an email marketing campaign) and an Individual contact is used / sent to, the first linked company to that contact will be used.