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Third Party
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<data:template />

Oncord comes with templates for displaying different types of component data such as those used to display a group of Posts as list or grid, or to view individual details of a product. These templates can be set per Design on your site, and are edited under 'Dynamic Displays' in the Designs dashboard.

This control allows you to select a component, a template type and a template variant, and it will render the appropriate template.

Most commonly, this is used with a DataRepeater, to iterate over a DataSource.


(Required) Component

The Oncord Component which describes the data you would like to display using a template.

Possible Components:
Give this control a unique id. Can be accessed in the client DOM (eg, document.getElementById('myid') or in the server DOM using [? $myid ?] or [? $('myid') ?]).
(Required) Template Type

Components which have templates may have a number of Template Types, depending on what the templates are intended for. The template types available will depend on the Component you choose.

When component="\Components\Commerce\Products"
Possible Template Types: details list
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products\Brands"
Possible Template Types: details list
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products\Categories"
Possible Template Types: details list
When component="\Components\Website\Comments"
Possible Template Types: list
When component="\Components\Website\Posts"
Possible Template Types: email list
When component="\Components\Website\Posts\Categories"
Possible Template Types: email

For a given Component and Template Type, there are a number of template variations which offer different visual presentations of the same data.

Each templateType for a given Component has a default variant which will be used if this attribute is left unspecified.

The default variant for the Component and TemplateType will be used if a specific variant is not provided. You can set the default variant per Design from the Designs Dashboard under 'Dynamic Displays'.

When component="\Components\Commerce\Products" templateType="details"
Possible Variants: classic minimal original sidebar
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products" templateType="list"
Possible Variants: card classic round square table
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products\Brands" templateType="details"
Possible Variants: classic stoic
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products\Brands" templateType="list"
Possible Variants: classic
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products\Categories" templateType="details"
Possible Variants: classic stoic
When component="\Components\Commerce\Products\Categories" templateType="list"
Possible Variants: classic descriptive
When component="\Components\Website\Comments" templateType="list"
Possible Variants: speech
When component="\Components\Website\Posts" templateType="email"
Possible Variants: linear
When component="\Components\Website\Posts" templateType="list"
Possible Variants: bigpic card classic column featured gallant linear overlay portrait relative split tiny wide wrap
When component="\Components\Website\Posts\Categories" templateType="email"
Possible Variants: headings


Repeating a Post Template

Here, a Data Repeater is used to create a list of Posts using a Post List template.


<data:repeater id="posts_repeater" datasource="\Components\Website\Posts::getAll()" as="post" > <data:template component="\Components\Website\Posts" templateType="list" variant="overlay" /> </data:repeater>

Repeating a Product Template

Here, a Data Repeater is used to create a list of Products using a Product List template.


<data:repeater id="products_repeater" datasource="\Components\Commerce\Products::getAll()" as="product" > <data:template component="\Components\Commerce\Products" templateType="list" variant="card" /> </data:repeater>